Phil Sudan


Phil has been a business attorney for 40 years and is a partner and co-founder of the Houston and Austin-based business law firm Vanguard Legal.

Phil has represented companies of all sizes in dozens of countries on a wide range of international business and tax transactions.

He regularly advises non-U.S. based entities on establishing and or expanding operations within the U.S. or advises U.S. based businesses on expanding overseas.

When the Houston Oilers wanted to move from Houston to Tennessee, the team turned to Phil as their long time legal counsel to plan and implement a strategy to enable the franchise to successfully relocate over the legal challenges of the city, county and Astrodome. The team is now the Tennessee Titans.

He has served as a director on the boards of both public and private companies, as well as not for profit corporations and private foundations, regularly advising them on legal and tax compliance matters.

Addiction has personally touched him and his family, making Phil especially passionate about the mission and work of SoberBowl.

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